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  • The Black Hole of the End of the World
    Now Xing Jie's head suddenly became bigger, because he had just found that there seemed to be several zombies in front of him. Now Xing Jie found that he had just got into a dead end, because there was not only an entrance to the underground cave, but also an exit! Many zombies and mutant animals enter the underground cave through the exit. Wu Yi and Wu Er are also likely to enter the cave...
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  • I don't know the depth
    Helen attached great importance to tonight's banquet and told Lu Glaze that she was in full charge and was busy early in the morning. Like Helen last night, she wore a bun on her head, simple and blonde. He was wearing a Burgundy leisure suit with simple style and fine workmanship. The velvet fabric adds a touch of nobility to the dress, and the neckline opens and closes to reveal a black silk...
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  • Midnight wet dream
    Yang Yan body gently trembled, a look is me, just showed a beautiful smile, I see in the eyes, feel her smile is warmer than the sun in the sky. I kissed her lightly and then turned to clean up my personal hygiene. When I had finished everything, lunch was just on the table. I received a phone call at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. It was Li Lei. A few minutes later, I hung up with a sullen face....
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  • Good words and freehand brushwork (book edition)
    After a while, the car was not the usual route home, and it stopped at the roadside halfway. Li Zeliang told her to put on a thick long coat, hat, scarf, tightly wrapped, and then pulled her out of the car and turned into the subway station. Freehand brushwork follows in the back, busy ask: "Why to take subway?" "The car broke down." "Shall we take a taxi?" "I want to take the subway." "But." I...
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  • The misfortune of rebirth
    "I didn't expect that I could save my life this time and not live on the street because of you, a nuisance." Nai Nai called Gu San a "nuisance". This name has been rooted in her heart since the first time she was grabbed by the neck and thrown into the bushes by this man. Nai Nai is a person who hates a person from her hair to her toes, just as she believes that if she protects a person, she...
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  • Huanzhu Landlord Tianshan Flying Swordsman
    Because the other side is confidential, and although these people are rich and honorable, they also know that they are not very decent for the Qing Dynasty. Except for the children and grandchildren who are close to them, they never mention it to anyone. Instead, they go to lobby other people's network and hire a generous envoy. They receive a secret order from Dang Dao. They even take...
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  • Royal Beauty
    In the recruit camp, Xie Yunlang put Wang Dingkun on his own bed and called a soldier to find a military doctor. When Xie Yunlang wanted to leave, Wang Dingkun suddenly stopped him: "Xie joined the army, do you really think I can?" Xie Yunlang smiled back and said to him, "Don't forget, you are a descendant of the Duke of Dingguo.". Your grandfather once made great military exploits for the...
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  • The Sixth Throne _ 20200215155358.
    Up to nearly 100 meters high wall, whoosh, jumped on twenty or thirty people, each one is the same soft armor battle skirt, face covered with a mask, also did not rush to jump down, but or stand or sit, and above the main entrance, also stood seven or eight people, but is a respectful guard around one person, seems to be Yang Ye. Peng's loud noise, under the broken fist of the stone crack sky,...
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  • Control the sky
    Ladies and gentlemen, it will be Mr. Lan's birthday in a few days. All the heroes in the world will gather together, and their influence should not be underestimated. At that time, I hope you can do your best to maintain order. At the same time, on top of this martial arts, send core disciples, let them see the strong strength of our four great families, threaten all corners of the country, so...
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  • Seven-day escape game
    You haven't been to the inn yet, have you? Should not know the situation there, there is indeed a place to rest in the fir forest, there are many rooms, but the inn does not provide food, at night it is dark, in addition to a place to sleep, I am afraid there is no other use. Ruan Chushui understood what Gu Meng meant and said frankly, "In addition, before I left, I heard that there was a hole...
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