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  • The ex-husband is too arrogant
    At this point, Wu's mother paused for a moment, then glanced at Secretary Ling, who was driving, and leaned back to Xiao Wu's ear again: "But you certainly don't understand what kind of person he is now. As for his family, that's.." "Mom, I know, although I and Secretary Ling just started a few days, but I can be sure that he is a good person, I am also very good, as long as I know this is...
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  • With absolute courage and loyalty
    Hsiao Hsiang could not help blushing and said sadly, "Just because I came out with my uncle, my father has been unhappy for a long time. Just now in the ring, I only vaguely explained that I didn't recognize him as my brother. As soon as he left, he might go back immediately, but where can I find him?"? As for Huo Rusong, although he is fierce, as long as he doesn't go to Ganzi any more, he...
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  • Cancer Building
    I don't know if those children are my dreams? Maybe I don't have any children at all? Tell me, is man wood?! Only wood doesn't care whether it lies alone or with other wood. And that's how I live: once I lose consciousness, pass out, or even die, my neighbors won't notice for days and nights. Nevertheless, you listen to me, you listen to me! He grabbed Oleg by the shoulder, as if he couldn't...
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  • Control the sky
    In terms of martial arts, Wu Zhong may not be good, but he runs faster than Qinggong, which can be said to be faster than rabbits! And Wu Zhong is not that ignorant rabbit, silly to think that the other side can not and let the other side like a turtle over the past, but he is hundreds of times more cunning than the fox. If you want to calculate him, it seems that Han Chong, who knows how to be...
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  • City of Angels
    "What's going on in your little head?!" He said laughingly, standing up and holding out a hand to ruffle my hair. Leave. I tried my best to comb my hair with two hands, as if this would straighten out my completely confused mind. The weekend I spent in the roller skating hall threw me into a mess. I really don't have a talent for athletic balance. Completely reduced to the joy of entertainment...
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  • The Emperor of the Secret Service Imperial Concubine, I want to destroy you.
    There was no blood in the vines, and there was blood in the tendons and veins of these vines, and the Lingnan family owner who was trapped inside was like this. The only explanation is that these vines are sucking the blood of the master of Lingnan. As soon as Futaba's words fell, the vines seemed to move slightly in response to him. The master of the Lingnan family, who was bound inside,...
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  • Detective Zhou Tong Series 3: Burning Paper Man _ Yu Lei
    Yan Yongjie pulled open the branches in front of her, jumped over the old trunk that had collapsed on the ground, and quickly approached the direction of the cry. The voice became clearer and clearer, and Yan Yongjie's footsteps became slower and slower. She slowly pulled out her gun from her waist. Although the cry was just a few meters ahead, the light of the flashlight did not play much role...
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  • The way of the six babies
    There is a treasure in the hands of Hades Cave, which is naturally full of confidence. In the face of the crowd, he launched the attack first. In the crowd, there were two people who were only a little different from him. That is the real person of the Golden Sword and the Fairy of the Fire Harp. You can know the attributes of these two people by listening to their names. In addition to his...
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  • For the ghost book
    The gentleman in the painting walked up to her and touched the top of her head at arm's length. He said with a smile, "But I went out to have tea with some old friends. Who would have thought that the little girl would grow taller in such a short time? Why, it's good to be in the government office these days?" Xia Qin looked at him steadily, her lips moving slightly, and her voice was hoarse:...
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  • Martial arts-Sima Ling _ txt novel paradise
    Du Jian-niang first glanced at Liu Bin, then gazed at Yun Yun, and then said, "Oh!"! Lord Liu is still interested in finding a woman to accompany him at this critical moment of life and death! Liu Bin suddenly shouted, "Nonsense!"! Don't insult her! Du Jianniang looked at his expression and knew that she had said the wrong thing. Embarrassed, she said to Yun Yun, "I'm sorry, girl. I said the...
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