So that day, the whole world and heaven are shrouded in heavy depression, Luo Junyi and Shangguanfeng desperately opened the coffin after the funeral, moved Qiao Kelan into a coarse cloth bag, when they followed the mourners to leave the tomb, they saw someone shouting Hean fainted, and then carried Hean back to Fairy Trace Island, after which the crowd dispersed. Luo Junyi all the way Lingcao Qinggong transported Qiao Kelan out of heaven, while Shangguanfeng went all the way to Shilin to meet Yang Yidong. At this critical moment, Luo Junyi met Qiao Su. 74. Volume two Surging like a rising wind and scudding clouds, there is a sky beyond the sky-July 1st, the mystery of immortality Qiao Suzheng stopped in front of Luo Junyi and said coldly, "Mr. Luo, no wonder you can't see him at the funeral of the princess. So he's here!"! What is this package? Is it difficult for the gentleman to steal something from Tianjing and prepare to escape? Said to draw out your auspicious holy axe to kill Luo Junyi, Luo Junyi also lazy and he more defense, the cloth bag from the shoulder to the waist tied up, draw out the green bamboo jade sword and Qiaosu fight, before Luo Junyi and Qiao Kelan fight when he had "and Tianxuan Sword" in mind, but the strength of the swordsmanship and internal force, but in front of Qiaosu can not. His swordsmanship is a little more powerful, because the weapon he uses is a tomahawk, but his internal force and understanding are totally different from those of Qiao Kelan. Qiao Suben took Luo Junyi's capture of him to heart last time, and this time he went all out to fight with him. Luo Junyi had no effort to deal with him, but now with Qiao Kelan,industrial racking systems, he was afraid that his exercise was too deep to shake her meridians, so even if he took the antidote, he was unable to save the day, so he had to avoid the important and take the easy way to deal with Qiao Su as soon as possible, he thought, this foolish boy, unaware of his sister behind him, was still so deadly everywhere! Seeing that Luo Junyi's skill today was not as good as that of that day, Qiao Su said proudly,Automated warehouse systems, "Hum!"! Sure enough, it is guilty of being a thief! Die! A fanatic! The more we fight, the more energetic we are! Then he got up and jumped behind Luo Junyi, and quickly jumped up in the air. With a mighty dragon leaping into the sea, he split Luo Qunyi down. Seeing that the situation was not good, Luo Junyi stepped back and blocked the jade sword in front of him. He shouted at Qiao Su, "Humph!"! Qiao Su, get out of the way quickly, don't get in the way, or you will regret for the rest of your life! Qiao Su where will pay attention to his words, or still onslaught Luo Junyi, Luo Junyi looked up at the sun in the sky, he was anxious to get up, and then half an hour will have to take the antidote, otherwise it is really unable to save the day, and from here to the stone forest this time is very nervous, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,asrs warehouse, so he also sent hard, back ten steps to turn the jade sword into a flute. The sound of the flute made Qiao Su confused. For a moment, I don't know why his strength seemed to be half less. Luo Junyi saw the opportunity to escape from the battle and left Qiao Su far behind. He ran to the Stone Forest at a high speed. Shangguanfeng and Yang Yidong in the stone forest have anxiously walked back and forth, calculating the time is the deadline for taking medicine, but Luo Junyi is still missing. Shangguanfeng frowned and said, "Mr. Yang, why don't you wait here? I'll go to meet them nearby.". ” Yang Yidong nodded and agreed. Shangguanfeng looked back and forth near the Stone Forest. When he saw Luo Junyi coming from far away, he hurried up and shouted, "Mr. Luo, hurry up!"! Can't be slow, can't be slow! Luo Junyi heard the words of Shangguanfeng, more accelerated the speed, finally arrived in front of Yang Yidong, Luo Junyi put Qiao Kelan flat on the ground, Yang Yidong quickly fed the antidote to Qiao Kelan, three people are very nervous and anxiously waiting for Qiao Kelan's reaction, Qiao Kelan after taking the antidote should be slowly awakened by the limbs, and then will wake up, three days later will be fully recovered, But after taking the medicine, the limbs really reacted, but people did not wake up. The three of them panicked. When they were at their wits' end, the voice of the orchid came over: "Yidong, take the medicine on time?" "Mother, the medicine is taken on time!"! But Miss Jo, why isn't she awake yet? As she spoke, Youlan came to Qiao Kelan to feel her pulse. She frowned and shook her head and said, "Carry her into Siyi Village quickly!" Several people hurriedly carried Qiao Kelan into Siyi Village. The carefree environment here was out of place with the precarious situation of Qiao Kelan at this time. Even Ling Youlan, who had always had a plan in mind, seemed a little flustered. On the one hand, she arranged to carry Qiao Kelan into the house, on the other hand, she was thinking about what medicine should be used to bring the dead back to life. Shangguanfeng was worried. It was the first time he had had such a soul-stirring experience. It was the first time he saw Qiao Kelan dying like this. He looked at Ling Youlan and Yang Yidong. He asked anxiously, "What's the situation?" Ling Youlan shook her head and motioned, "Don't worry, Lord Shangguan. Miss Qiao will be all right." At this time, Luo Junfei is very calm to take out the green bamboo jade sword in the courtyard blowing up, the flute melodious and comfortable, there is a kind of power to bring people out of sadness, although Qiao Kelan is still lying quietly, but he is still very comfortable sitting in the courtyard blowing the flute. When the orchid in the room heard the sound of the flute, she could not help but calm down. She carefully recalled the situation described by Yang Yidong. If Qiao Su hadn't come out to make trouble on the way, Qiao Kelan might not have woken up. She knew that Qiao Kelan was a careful person and would not have taken the poison so unprepared. It might not be too risky. If there was a purple leaf jade elixir at this time, Maybe she could renew her life, so she asked Yang Yidong to take Guanfeng out of the house, and then searched Qiao Kelan carefully. Sure enough, there was a small pocket on the inside of Qiao Kelan's boots, just enough to reach into a finger. She reached in, and sure enough, it was a few pills. She excitedly gently took out the pills and smelled them carefully. This is indeed the purple leaf jade golden elixir left by Qiao Kelan for his life renewal, this quaint Qiao Kelan! She fed the purple leaf jade golden elixir to Qiao Kelan, and after a while, Qiao Kelan's body was no longer cold,pallet rack shelving, and her pulse gradually returned. Although it was still very weak, and she had not yet regained consciousness, it meant that she was no longer in a state of suspended animation. Qiao Kelan finally survived the disaster again and came back to life!.