"I like it very much.". Eat all over the garden. Now you understand. There is a uniform price for food here in Nikolai, no matter how much or what you order. The pretty waitress brought a bottle of champagne and filled our glasses. Nikolay was now standing in front of the open stove, and the fire was reflecting him magically. He put a piece of meat on the baking sheet and grasped the other end of the long handle of the baking sheet in his hand. In this way, he cooked the meat for me with dexterity and speed. He brought it to the table himself. That's great, I told him. I eat meat. Angella eats her vegetables. As we ate, Nikolai sat down beside us. He brought a second bottle of champagne and drank it together, saying that he had been winning at the casino recently. Nikolai, I learned, was an enthusiastic roulette player. After he finished working here, he changed his clothes and drove to indulge his passion. He was eager to explain his rules to me, and I listened very politely, though of course there are no rules at roulette. But Nikolai believed in his rules. Don't we all believe in something? Whether this thing exists or not, whether it may or may not. If we don't do this, can we live? Then Nikolay left and went to the open oven to make apple pie for Angella and me. This apple pie is really delicious that I have never eaten before. Nikolay sat down again at our table to drink, and was glad that it was so much to my taste. I think how happy or lucky I would be if I lived forever in a country where people value love,Pi tape measure, good food and friendship as much as they do in France. We finished the third bottle, and Angella was a little drunk, and so was I. You look so happy, you two. Said Nikolay, "Madame has grown younger and more beautiful since I last saw her.". Needless to say, this is love. "Yes,Fiberglass tape measure, Nikolay," said Angella, clasping my hand, "it is love." She was going a little fast. She drove steadily, but a little fast. We went along a wide road, and on the left was a high fence. You know, they want to put the whole track underground. "They also want to build a new station," Angella said. The old station is the only shame of the city. An old house from the last century. It's a huge pit now, and you have to cross underpass to get to those tracks. They will finish it in ten or twenty years. Ho! "What do you mean'ho '?" "Oh, didn't you notice?" "No." "Then you're a little drunk." "I think so, yes.". What do you mean "Ho, Walking measuring wheel ,cattle weight tape, '?" "? Nothing special. I just crossed the intersection at a red light. Angella said. We're in California. Do you have any money on you? "Yes." "How much?" "About fifteen hundred francs." "Good." Angella said. I suddenly saw where she was going-to "our" chapel on the Boulevard Alexander III. She parked the car again under the beautiful old tree and we walked to the closed church door. On the gate hung a box with the words: "For our poor.". I found all the money I found in my bag. The total was 1,650 francs. I gave them to Angella, and she stuffed the money into the box. We walked back to the car and drove home. At the railroad crossing, the barricade was lowered as usual. After two blasts of the horn at Angera, it was raised. The man in the cabin is sleeping. Angella waved to him, and he waved back. Back in her house, Angella took off all her jewelry except the wedding ring and the necklace with the double coin, took off her clothes and put on a short bathrobe. I took off my coat and tie and untied my collar. It's just after midnight. Angella took out a bottle of champagne from the refrigerator. We open the platform door. The fresh night wind came in. Angella took a six-legged candlestick and put it on a table near the big window, through which he could see the whole city. She lit all the candles, turned off the lights, took the little transistor radio out of the bedroom and tuned it to a German station. It is playing warm and sentimental jazz. We sat next to each other on the sofa and drank slowly, overlooking Cannes and the sea. Distant lights move closer and apart. It was the meeting of two ships. Funny. I said after a while. "What?" "I was just thinking how strange it is that I know so little about you." She looked at me sideways. Are you jealous? I'm so happy about that! "No, not jealous, just." "I understand." She said, "I wanted to tell you all about it once, but you didn't want to hear it.". I'll tell you now, okay? "Go ahead." I say Ok. You should know all about it. "But you don't have to, really, if you don't want to." But I want to! I've always wanted to! "Well.." I say. She talked about the relationships she had had with men in her life and thought carefully about whether she had forgotten anyone. She counted eight or nine, which was not too many for a woman of her age and appearance. She spoke softly, snuggling on my shoulder, and twice she fell asleep briefly. When she woke up, she went on. All lovely men, it seems, except one. He stole her money. And the other, who promised to marry her but was married. I hate this man because Angella nearly died for him. You know, Robert, you're familiar with this too — you find someone very lovable, you get along with him, you believe that it's love, and then you find that you're just being self-righteous. Are men like women? "Exactly the same." "You convinced yourself that it was love, but you knew from the beginning that it was sexual desire, just a bed curtain, didn't you?" "Yes." "It's just that the bed is simpler, and when it's over, it's easy to continue to be good friends." Angella said,Fish measuring board, "Now listen.". And Harry. Once I took a train to the east end of Paris. She talked and talked. I'm listening, but I don't feel jealous. I was as certain that she had never loved any of these men as she had loved me — as I had never loved any other woman as I loved Angella. It's easier for me, I think. I've never loved a woman in my life. tapemeasure.net