Shu yuan said, "Announce the top ten crimes of Snow Mountain Shuangqi.." At this point, in a pile of ice and snow cliffs, there is a person, it is the hundred fools of the ancient hundred fools. As soon as he heard that Shu yuan was going to announce their ten crimes to all the heroes in the world, he sniggered in his heart and said, "Good boy, your tone is not small."? I need to hear what we're guilty of. "Don't fool around, Brother yuan," said Yunxiao with a smile. "What's wrong with Shuangqi?" Shu yuan said with a smile, "They use the big to bully the small and bully others. This is the first and second crime. Is that right?" "Why do you think so?" Asked Yunxiao. "As soon as we met him," said Shu yuan, "we slapped both of us in the face without asking a question. Is it bullying the small with the big, relying on their high martial arts and knowing that we can't beat them, but they just want to compete with us? Is it bullying?" Yunxiao clapped his hands and said, "Yes!"! The facts are all there, and the cicada girl testifies that she is not afraid of them. The Venerable Master Baiyu, who was in the dark, thought to himself, "Yes, he has caught hold of this." "What else?" Asked Yunxiao. Shu yuan said, "If you don't keep your word, you will be ungrateful. This is a crime of three or four." "Nonsense," said the Venerable Master Baiyu in the dark. "Good boy, if you can't give me a reason, I won't kill you." Shu yuan added, "It's a heinous crime to look down on human life, to commit adultery and theft, to divide the spoils, to sell friends for glory, and to bring disaster to the country and the people. You can calculate and see if it's the top ten crimes." Yunxiao couldn't help laughing and said, "The more you say, the more ridiculous you are. You're just fooling around." Shu yuan still looked awestruck and said, "Listen to my explanation. I'm sure you'll be convinced." "Well," said Yunxiao with a smile, "I'll listen to you." Shu yuan said, "Didn't that crazy old man at the foot of the peak promise to come out of the mountain?"? But on the way, he changed his mind and settled down three passes and four passes. He didn't keep his word. Did he break his word? "Yes, yes," said Yunxiao. "It's a promise." Shu yuan said,hot tub manufacturers, "I heard that Shuangqi was chased by Xue Peicai, the scholar of Qin and Sword. If the crazy old man hadn't convinced Xue, would they have the reputation they have today?"? In Jianghu, it's important to reciprocate the kindness of a little water with a gushing spring. It's not our idea to ask them to come out of the mountain. It's the crazy old man's earnest request and let his granddaughter be his companion. We just came here, right? "Well," said Yunxiao, "what does that have to do with ingratitude?" "Although we're here to deliver a letter," said Shu Wu, "in terms of reason, we're just like the crazy old man. Beating a dog also depends on the master's face! They should be good at sending far away, and they can't deliberately make things difficult at the lowest limit! "They are setting up such a danger to prevent us from climbing the peak. It is clear that they look down on the crazy old man. Isn't it ungrateful?" "Yes," said Yunxiao with a smile, "it's not enough." "Good boy," said the fool in the dark, "he has a sharp tongue and is really good at praising and criticizing." Shu yuan added, "As for the contempt for human life, do you think about it? Fortunately, we have practiced kungfu for a few days. Although we can't get into Yingxue Peak, we won't hurt anything. If we can't bear it, if we slip on the ice and snow, Whirlpool bathtub ,hot tub spa manufacturers, we will fall to pieces and die. It's over." Yunxiao said, "I'm afraid it won't be easy to put your crime of rape and theft on them." "If they don't want to come out," said Shu yuan, "they must be in cahoots with a group of fox spirits of the Scorpio Sect. Otherwise, how can they be willing to bear the name of injustice and refuse the request of the crazy old man?"? With those bad people, there will be no good people. They are all evil thieves. "Good brother," said Yunxiao with a smile, "how did you come up with this accusation?" But the Venerable Master Baiyu scolded in his heart, "Good boy, you can really talk nonsense. That's why you want to punish him. Why don't you have a word?" "The seventh crime," said Yunxiao, "is to sit on the ground and divide the spoils. How do you say that?" Shu yuan said with a smile, "If you mix with the people in the Scorpio Sect, you can still not steal or rob. With their identities and positions, of course, they are sitting on the ground to divide the spoils.". ” "What's the reason for selling your friends for glory?" Asked Yunxiao. Shu yuan said, "If you don't buy the face of your old friend, the crazy old man, and are willing to be a running dog of the cult, and take away Miss Liu to give gifts, aren't you selling your friends for glory?" The more Master Baiyu heard the little beggar Shuyuan speak, the more unreasonable he became. In the end, he got involved with the girl. But he couldn't bear his anger. He jumped out and shouted, "Good boy, you've ruined our Snow Mountain Shuangqi. According to what you said, are we two old brothers still human beings?" As soon as Yunxiao and Shuyuan saw Master Baiyu suddenly appear, although they knew that he had already hidden in the side, they did not expect that he would appear so soon, and they were slightly surprised in their hearts. "Ah!" Said Shu yuan with a smile! The ancient elder have been eavesdropping for a long time. If you are honest, am I telling the truth? The Venerable Master Baiyu snorted coldly, "You are talking nonsense." "Good," said Shu yuan with a smile! Even if I talk nonsense, but in front of the world's heroes, there is a public opinion, brother Xiao, let's go! Yunxiao's temperament is bohemian, because of a series of changes in the family, so that he became depressed, seems to have a lot of thoughts, difficult to speak to people. After half a day's teasing by the young man Hua Shuyuan, he couldn't help but burst out with pride. "Let's go," he said with a dissolute laugh. "We have to go. Brother yuan, remember, in addition to the ten major crimes of Snow Mountain Shuangqi, add two more crimes!" As soon as Shu yuan saw Yunxiao's heroic spirit, he also felt very happy. "What two crimes?" He asked with a smile. Yunxiao said, "As a senior in the martial arts world, isn't it a deserved crime to peep into people's private affairs, flout the rules of Jianghu, and reverse right and wrong?" Shu yuan clapped his hands and said with a smile, "Yes.". Together, they have become the twelve great sins! The two of them sang and danced with joy, as if they had not seen the ancient fool, who was standing beside them. Said, said, two people actually turned around and walked down the peak. At this moment, in the heart of Master Baiyu, it can be said that fifteen buckets were used to draw water, and he was at sixes and sevens. He must know that as long as two people really announce to the world that they are not, the sign of Snow Mountain Shuangqi, even if it is smashed, may also cause a lot of trouble. The most difficult thing to explain was the crazy old man Liu yuanshan, who had an extreme disposition. If he heard these two boys go back and say that,endless swim pool, he would come to Yingxuefeng immediately, but it was hard to explain. "You two stay here," he said hurriedly. 。