Mi Xiaomei gave Su can a sidelong glance and raised her smiling face: "Su can, I don't like the kind of man who doesn't have his own opinions and is especially afraid of his mother, but for the sake of you being younger than me, I don't care about you!" "You!" Su can is angry. Mi Xiaomei pulled out her ears, identified the direction of Su Ze's yard, and walked there as if nothing had happened. When she brushed Su Hua's side, she stopped a little and looked sideways at Su Hua's soft side face and eternal smile. She was speechless and continued to step forward. Sitting on the edge of the lotus pond in Su Zeyuan, Mi Xiaomei looked at the jade lotus flowers that were about to pass the flowering period, blooming to the extreme, and then, I'm afraid, declining. Feeling someone sitting beside her, Mi Xiaomei smiled: "Why did you suddenly ask to live with me?" After a moment, Su Ze said in a cold voice, "I know why you ask.". But I'm not asking to live with you, I'm asking you to live with me. Mi Xiaomei smacked her lips and said, "It's just a matter of the ownership of the yard. I'm surprised that you don't think I'm annoying." Su Ze lightly mocks: "Oh, feel.". But if you like it, there's no way. Mi Xiaomei put her face on her knee and looked at Su Ze beside her. She was so handsome that she could not pick out her shortcomings at any time. She always had the temperament of cold pride and disdain. In fact, she always felt that he would not like anything, but she said she liked it. Does he know the definition of like? Seeing Su Ze's eyes coldly sweeping over, Mi Xiaomei smiled fearlessly and asked, "Su Ze,ceramic bobbin element, you keep saying that you like me, so why do you like me?" Su Ze Lip Angle pulls open sarcastic radian: "Like to like, have what why?"? If I knew why, I would absolutely shy away from that reason. After all, who wants to like a woman as troublesome as you? Then why do you like your second brother? Mi Xiaomei, speechless, turned her eyes and looked at the scenery in the pool. The smile on her lips was still hanging: "You said what I wanted to say. What else can I say?" Su Ze no longer replied, and Mi Xiaomei looked at the green color of the lake together. In fact, I think we are very similar,Kamado bbq grill, "Mi Xiaomei opened her mouth again after a while, breaking the silence," the same awkward, stubborn, the same inexplicable, paranoid, the more you know you shouldn't do it, the more you will do it.. " "No, we are not like," Su Ze cut off Mi Xiaomei's words, eyes locked Mi Xiaomei, deep eyes, as if hidden stars, jumping flashing, "you are hiding, and I like it is like it, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,Ceramic Bobbin, even if I know the difficulties I will stick to the end." Mi Xiaomei all over a stiff, involuntarily looked at Su Ze, but afraid of that kind of eyes, she did not want to believe that Su Ze is really like her, but sometimes his persistent eyes, and let her feel terror and fear: "You don't like me, you just because.." At this point, I am at a loss for words. Because of what? Su Ze raised his eyebrows, and his eyes inexplicably gave birth to a kind of pressure. Mi Xiaomei's words flickered: "I thought you should hate me." "Why?" Su Ze said coldly and repeated it again. Mi Xiaomei is forced so helplessly that she has to make up nonsense at random: "Because you can't figure out the feeling of liking and hating." Su Ze smiled, as if he had heard a great joke. When he stopped laughing and his eyes returned to Mi Xiaomei's face, the dry Mi Xiaomei's face gave birth to a sense of embarrassment. Su Ze looked at Mi Xiaomei: "You know, I also expected you to say what reason to convince me, or I will believe that it is not like, but curiosity and so on, but." Obviously, you let me down. You may not believe that I like you, but I know that I, Su Ze, will always take the initiative to say what I want, and love and hate are also my characteristics, I do not like to make those unclear, like is like, do not like is not like. I'm not confused about that. Standing up, Su Ze straightened his hem. "I'll go first. Don't sit outside too much. There are many poisonous insects in this season. I'll call you later at dinner time.". ” Mi Xiaomei was stupefied by his words. She felt the footsteps of his departure and then said: "Su Ze, anyway, thank you today. I didn't expect you to say those words to Su Hua. To tell the truth, I was quite touched." Su Ze stopped, thinking of the afternoon out of control, it was hard to avoid thinking of the way she kissed Su Hua, and could not help saying sarcastically: "Moved?"? It's not as good as committing oneself to each other. What's there to say? Mi Xiaomei was said by him, this man, is really venomous nature does not change. Listening to the way he was leaving again, Mi Xiaomei said again, "Hey, do you have a reason to take me out?" Su Ze was stunned. He turned and looked at Mi Xiaomei. "Do you want to go?" "No, I want to go to the Spring Breeze Hall and find someone." Mi Xiaomei hung her head slightly. It was impolite for her to leave without saying goodbye. Although the procuress would explain to the man that she had been summoned to the palace instead of running away, she still wanted to see him again and thank him for his care during this period, so as not to worry about him. Maybe not. Mi Xiaomei is also contradictory, but it is very clear that he wants to see that person once. There seemed to be some softness in Su Ze's expression: "Who are you looking for?" "You don't care who I look for, anyway is a person," Mi Xiaomei also got up, to Su Ze's eyes, "a person who saved my life." Su Ze looked at Mi Xiaomei and frowned slightly. "Are you looking for him to repay your kindness?" "I can't repay his kindness now, but I shouldn't have left without saying goodbye." Mi Xiaomei walked to Su Ze's side and looked at him steadily, "is that all right?" Su Ze nodded: "Good, go." Mi Xiaomei was somewhat surprised: "Now?" "Of course, aren't they all free now?" The corners of Su Ze's lips rose quietly. Mi Xiaomei nodded: "Let's go." She was just surprised that Suze said she could take her away from Suze's house? She remembered that last time Su Hua still went to find Mrs. Su to explain, found an excuse to go out of the Su house, Su Ze did not need? Su Ze seemed to see through her thoughts, smiling, but as cold as ever: "This house,Alumina Ceramic C795, in addition to me, no one can take you out without the consent of parents, believe me." 。 global-ceramics.com