Hearing the name, Lian Hang's face changed. "We are involved in so many things, it is reasonable to say that we can not come out alive, but Meng Yang used himself as a bargaining chip to exchange us, but as a price, he will always stay in the capital, for the use of the four princes." “……” …… Several people are after a few pleasantries, with full of shock, Zhu Qingqing also returned to the carriage. The two carriages were going back to each other, and Zhu Qingqing waved to him, saying goodbye. Set sail again, this time the destination is their hometown, Linjiang City. The Machiavellian struggle in the capital has nothing to do with them. The author has something to say: the Machiavellian struggle in the capital has nothing to do with them. How could it be? There is still a Ren Chi. Chapter 61 After staying here for eight years, Zhu Qingqing has long adapted to the seasonal changes that are different from those in the real world. Although it is October now, they have seen the withered leaves rustling down when they are in the capital, and the lonely autumn scenery of Bianzhou along the way has been revealed, but the trees in Huanzhou are still lush and green, as if they have not changed much. Nevertheless, the chrysanthemums in Huanzhou have already bloomed,stainless steel tile edge trim, especially in Lingye City, the "hometown of chrysanthemums", when the chrysanthemums are blooming most happily. Zhu Qingqing had only been back for a few days, and she hadn't had enough of Aunt Zou's sweet osmanthus cakes. Qin Yunlian's hospital had not officially opened, and the embers had only arrived at Linjiang City yesterday, when Lord Ling's invitation came. It was the annual chrysanthemum appreciation meeting. Such a big thing happened in the capital. The third prince was demoted to Chaozhou, the second prince lost power, and two nephews had an accident one after another,aluminum tile trim, which had no effect on him at all. They and Zhu Qingqing returned to Linjiang City. Before they had a good rest, they began to arrange the meeting of appreciating chrysanthemums. Even Zhu Qingqing had to admire that Ling Wang Ye was really energetic. The gilded invitation card in his hand was painted with chrysanthemums in full bloom. Zhu Qingqing and Yang Qingtan read the letter several times together, but they still did not know whether to laugh or cry. It said that they wanted Zhu Qingqing and Zhu Jingxin to go together. The gathering between teenagers did not need to be accompanied by their elders. Zhu Qingqing cast his eyes on Yang Qingtan for help, and Yang Qingtan shook his head helplessly. "Since Lord Ling won't let us go, you can go by yourself, just in time for me to help Nian Nian take care of Rongrong." "Mother.." Seeing Yang Qingtan's appearance of'Fortunately, I don't have to go ', Zhu Qingqing put down the invitation and got up to go out to find Qin Yunlian. At the same time, Qin Yunlian, who was in the Qin mansion, also received the same invitation, and the embers sat leisurely on the cane chair behind him, listening to him for a long time without speaking, stainless steel edge trim ,china tile trim, and asked aloud. "What's the matter?"? But what letter did Miss Zhu write to you? "Uncle, don't joke." Qin Yunlian went to the embers and sat down. "It's an invitation from Lord Ling." As soon as he heard Ling Wang Ye, the embers were excited. Although he lived in the temple, he had heard of Ling Wang Ye's reputation. He went to Qin Yunlian's side with anticipation in his tone. "But the annual Chrysanthemum Appreciation Conference is about to begin again?"? Count the days, and it's really time. Qin Yunlian nodded helplessly, but thought that the embers could not be seen, and said yes. Ember looked up and said with a smile, "Ling Wang Ye is alone in Huanzhou, with only one youngest son beside him. He did this because he wanted you young people to accompany him more." "I know, I'm not because of that." Ling Wang Ye is very kind to them, although the nagging is trivial, but Qin Yunlian still respects him in his heart, if let Qin Yunlian go to chat with him alone, Qin Yunlian is naturally very willing in his heart. But At the thought of being entangled by Zhang Yuzhu for two or three months after the Hundred Flowers Conference at the beginning of this year, Qin Yunlian had some rejection of the Chrysanthemum Appreciation Conference in his heart. What if I meet Zhang Yuzhu again. Qin Yunlian did not speak, but the embers guessed seven or eight points from his silence and laughed. "Aren't you afraid that if a girl pesters you again, you won't be able to explain to Miss Qing?" The answer to him was silence again, and the embers knew that they had guessed right, and they looked like they were watching a good show and said to Qin Yun. "It's not easy to handle. Although I can't see it, I can guess that my nephew must be very handsome. If you go, I'm afraid you'll meet Miss Zhang again. If you don't go, you'll hurt Lord Ling's heart again. Oh, it's hard to handle.." During that time, Qin Yunlian ran to Anchangguan every other day. Once he lived in the temple for almost half a month. Ember was still wondering if he had quarreled with his family before he came here to hide. Later, he heard that he was entangled by a girl surnamed Zhang. The girl did not know where to find out that Qin Yunlian was in Anchangguan, but she came to the temple to block people. Qin Yunlian avoided seeing her, so she stayed in the temple. Ember and other people in the temple had seen a big play. Later, it was Miss Zhang's father who couldn't stand the shame of his own girl and sent someone to tie her back. Qin Yunlian regained his freedom, and the embers laughed at him for a long time. At that time, Ember also jokingly asked Qin Yun to collect the girl. "Miss Zhang is gentle and virtuous. Why don't you like her?" Qin Yun's eyes darkened, "I refused her." "How did you refuse?" "I told her that my heart belonged to someone." "Why is that girl still chasing you?" "She asked me who I was, and when I didn't tell her, she thought I was making it up for her." "If I were you, I would think you were making it up. Who is the person in your heart?" Ember had a treacherous smile on his face. "It's not Zhu Qing, is it?" “……” “……” Can't hear the answer for a long time, embers in the heart a panic, "will not really be Zhu Qing Qing?" Although two people often come out together, but often accompanied by a Zhu Jingxin, embers can not be seen, from the dialogue between the two people can not hear what Maoni, they have always thought that the two are just brother and sister, but did not expect. "Well, you!" Ember slapped him heavily, "You and Zhu Qing." How dare you hide it from me! "I have nothing to do with Qing Qing." Qin Yunlian's ears are a little red,metal trim manufacturers, "I haven't expressed my mind to her yet, I don't know what Qing Qing thinks, I'm afraid of her.." 。 jecatrims.com