Jiang Ruan shook his head and made a silent gesture to her. "Don't move here," he said softly. Then he dragged a man on the ground and walked out of the door. Forsythia wanted to go out, but was pulled by the dew, so she had to give up. Jiang Ruan dragged back and forth five times, and finally dragged all five people to the front of the young man in black. The young man in black and the attendants next to him were all waiting for her to solve her doubts. Jiang Ruan smiled: "These people are in the smoke. They can't move, but they are very conscious. Like my conversation with you at the moment, they are all listening to it. Once they wake up, I don't know what kind of trouble they will bring to you.". So I'll do a favor and send these people to your excellency. Please dispose of them. It was the same snowy night that the solitary temple was hunted down and killed, but the fate should be sympathetic. What she said was extremely generous, as if she had taken great advantage of people, but the two people on the opposite side could not see the way of killing people by borrowing a knife, but what she said was also very reasonable. The young man in black waved his hand gently, and the attendant next to him carried his sword forward. In a moment, there were five cold awn, and the people on the ground were lifeless. Jiang Ruan knew in his heart that the man's entourage was so brilliant that his master must not be ordinary, but he never showed up tonight, so he must be avoiding something. Since he had to keep his mouth shut to avoid it, he did not kill her as a legitimate daughter of the Chiang family, because it might cause trouble, but these five inexplicable people could be disposed of at will. At first, I wanted to do it myself, but now that I have a ready-made one,stainless steel toilet, it's better to kill her with a knife. In any case, I don't suspect that she will come to me, but it's very clean. Thinking of this, the mood is also inexplicably better, Jiang Ruan smiled at the young man in black: "The road has been cleared, you can go first." The young man in black took one look at him, and his starry eyes made it difficult to see his emotions. He was so cold that he turned and walked into the night. Jiang Ruan stared at his back, walking all the way,Self-closing Faucet, moving smoothly, only to see a kind of restrained elegance, as if it was engraved in the bone and bone marrow flow, the appearance can not be concealed, revealing also unconsciously. Such an outstanding appearance, never seen in this life, she frowned tightly, when did the Great Brocade Dynasty have such a person? Who the hell is he? -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Here comes the long-awaited handsome man.. Whew, are you satisfied with this beautiful man? Hahaha, if you are satisfied, please leave a message to Cha Cha! Your message is the power of tea. (3) Chapter 30 Jiang Su-su One night passed. In the early morning of the second day, there were all kinds of noisy sounds in the temple. The door was knocked. Li Mi's voice was somewhat anxious: "Miss Jiang, Miss Jiang!" Jiang Ruan propped himself up from the bed and ordered Angelica dahurica to go out and have a look. He quickly put on his clothes, and when he put on his coat and went out to have a look, a strong smell of blood came to his face. When Li Mi saw that Jiang Ruan had nothing to do, he heaved a sigh of relief and asked nervously, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,Service Sink Faucets, "Is the young lady all right?" Jiang Ruan looks at him doubtfully: "The adult asks so, but what happened?" Then he looked behind Li Mi. With an exclamation of surprise, he turned his head and said with some fear, "This.." There were corpses all over the snow, and blood flowed all over the ground, like a Shura field that had just been slaughtered. Angelica dahurica was busy and quietly blocking in front of Jiang Ruan. Li Mi shook his head and said, "The thief came here last night. That's what happened this morning. I'm afraid Miss Jiang will have an accident. It's all right." Jiang Ruan frowned: "That …" Why am I all right? "It shouldn't be for you." Li Mi said with a straight face, "It may be an ordinary revenge, but it didn't hurt innocent people. I have to stay to investigate this matter. Miss Jiang, it's my duty. I'm sorry. I have to stay today. The rest of the journey is not far. The pony will escort you back to Beijing." Jiang Ruan hurriedly returned the salute, saying, "Your Excellency, don't worry about me. On the contrary, the matter here is important. Human life is at stake. The murder happened here. It is bound to be the responsibility of all the people in the temple. I wonder if I can help." When Li Mi saw the sincerity of what she had said, he said with relief, "Miss Chiang worries too much. This has nothing to do with Miss Chiang. The temple has to make a good investigation. Miss Chiang should leave earlier. Don't delay the time to return to Beijing." This is true, although the people in the temple have reasons to doubt, Jiang Ruan is the most need not doubt one. On the one hand, she just happened to pass by here to stay overnight, and on the other hand, all the corpses on the ground were written by people with martial arts. Last night's massacre did not disturb anyone in the temple, which showed that the murderer was highly skilled in martial arts, and it was impossible that it was Jiang Ruan's four weak women. Having said that, it would be troublesome to ask to stay. Jiang Ruan then ordered Angelica dahurica to pack up and followed Wang Yushi on the carriage to say goodbye to Li Mi. The rest of the journey was already very close to the capital, and at about noon, the carriage arrived at the gate of the capital. The dewdrop, who had never been to the capital before, curiously lifted a corner of the carriage curtain and exclaimed, "This is the capital. I used to hear people say that the capital is prosperous, but now it's true. It's really beautiful!" Angelica dahurica and forsythia also looked out, the two of them had been away from Beijing for five years, and when they returned to Beijing again, there was only indescribable excitement in their hearts. They were happy for Jiang Ruan to arrive, and there was a kind of excitement after suffering. Jiang Ruan did not have their happy look, slowly lifted her side of the curtain corner, just saw a black horse rubbing the carriage stupid, that horse is a rare BMW, she could not help but look twice, and then look at only a faint figure, only feel the figure on horseback is unparalleled. Jiang Ruan smiled faintly and looked around. The streets of the capital were bustling and the crowds were rubbing shoulders and heels, which happened to coincide with the memory. Remembering that when she left the capital for Chuang Tzu, it was also a carriage wearing filial piety, and a few lonely followers left the capital like this. As soon as she came and went, she was separated by a lifetime, but when she came again, she was no longer the one she used to be. She raised her head, and the wind outside slowly blew on her face, feeling the few winter winds in the capital. Forsythia was thinking that Jiang Ruan should not catch cold when he put down the curtain. When he turned his head and saw the expression on Jiang Ruan's face, he couldn't help but be surprised. He felt that his girl's eyes were cold. Although there was no expression,Time Delay Faucet, there was a cold breath, like a ghost returning from hell, which made people shudder at the sight. cnkexin.com