When Zhu Ruiqing saw Laohuazi's sudden withdrawal, he said to himself that he could not judge whether Laohuazi was a friend or an enemy? Finally, I heard him ask about his teacher. There was a dull pain in his heart, but he did not dare to speak out. "Are you a friend or an enemy?" He asked. When the old beggar Wan Tiepi heard this, he suddenly laughed and said, "The old beggar is not an enemy!"! Non-friend ! Can also be an enemy ! Keyou ! It depends on what kind of road you are. !” As soon as Zhu Ruiqing heard this, the old man's words were vague and difficult to speculate. He was also concerned about the safety of the young scholar behind him. He didn't want to spend too much time. He said, "Since the old man doesn't want to speak out, I can't tell you. I'm eager to save a life.." The old beggar suddenly sneered and said, "Men and women are not close to each other. Don't you know how to guard against ethics?" As soon as Zhu Ruiqing heard this, he was greatly shocked, but for a moment he did not know what the other party was referring to. He then said, "I, Zhu Ruiqing, have studied poetry and books since I was young. Don't I know how to observe propriety? As long as the senior sees that I have transgressed, I can deal with it." The old beggar laughed and said, "In this way, we are friends, not enemies. This is not a place to save people. Please come with me." As soon as Zhu Ruiqing thought about it, he saw that the sky was going to be bright, and it was hard to avoid being discovered by the "ghost teaching" people here, so he picked up the young scholar and left with the old beggar! A rush, came to the door of a house,stackable plastic pallets, a pair of big stone lions outside the door, black lacquer door with a pair of shiny big copper rings, only to see that pair of style, we know that this family is very rich. Laohuazi came forward and clasped the copper ring. Not long after, the voice of interrogation came from inside. Laohuazi reported his name, and the door immediately opened. An old man appeared in the door. As soon as the old man saw Wan Tiepi, he immediately showed a very respectful look. "Yu Yi," said Laohuazi! Report to your family as soon as possible Just say I'm waiting for him in the study! Then he didn't need the old man to lead the way, so he rushed straight inside! Zhu Ruiqing had been following him in silence until he came to a very neat and elegant study. The walls of the room were covered with calligraphy and paintings of contemporary celebrities,collapsible pallet box, and the bookshelves were filled with all kinds of books. At a glance, he knew that he was from a scholarly family. Zhu Ruiqing was greatly surprised. How could the old beggar have contacts with such people? It seemed that the friendship was not general. Zhu Ruiqing put the young scholar on the couch in the study. "Don't touch him," said the old beggar. "Someone will save him when he is young." In Zhu Ruiqing's mind, he couldn't help wondering again. After the young scholar crossed the rare elixir "Yiyuan Shendan" with his Dantian True Qi, the cold in his body had already subsided. He only massaged him for a while, and he would recover and wake up. Why should others bother? But the old man's words and deeds, everything is strange, I do not know what tricks to play? What is said is without malice. The ugly eyelids were even more serious and unusual, and he could not help but not listen. In the twinkling of an eye, the sound of footsteps, from far to near, the curtain, a white-haired old man came in, followed by a young girl of 28 years old. As soon as the white-haired old man saw the old man, he folded his fists and said, "Master Wan!"! Three years apart My grandparents and grandchildren miss you all the time. Before he had finished speaking, plastic pallet bin ,euro plastic pallet, the girl behind him bowed down, her eyes slightly red, and called out in a charming voice, "Master!"! You miss Linger badly. !” The old beggar cracked his crooked mouth and said, "I've been a teacher for the past few years, and I almost broke my legs. I didn't dare to blame anyone. I only blame myself for having a hard life. Now let's talk about other things slowly. Lingling, you carry him into your room and massage him for a while. Let's wake him up first." Then he pointed to the collapse. Apart from himself, the rest of the three people were shocked. The white-haired old man thought he was crazy, but he dared not stop him. The young girl, who was called Lingling, had a pink face and was like a cockscomb. Fang's heart was even more perturbed. He knew that the master had always been mysterious and humorous, and he did not know what the mystery was. However, there was still a beautiful young man in the room who looked rustic, but in fact was quite handsome. She was a young girl waiting for the word boudoir. How could she embrace this young scholar in front of an outsider, and also pointed out that she wanted to go to her boudoir? How could she not be embarrassed and hesitate. And Zhu Ruiqing? He was even more confused. He was so confused that he couldn't guess what the old beggar was doing, even everything he said. Seeing that the white-haired old man had an upright face and that the young girl named Lingling had a noble temperament in her beauty, he knew that they would not harm the young scholar, so he simply stood aside, did not stop her, and waited to see what would happen. The old beggar seemed to have known this would happen. With a strange smile, he suddenly changed his face and said in a harsh voice, "Lingling!"! The words of a teacher No matter whether you listen or not, I will leave right away if you don't listen. As soon as Miss Lingling heard this, her blood-red cheeks turned livid, but she immediately said, "Lingling obeys!" Then he immediately picked up the young scholar and walked out of the study. As soon as Miss Lingling left, the white-haired old man could not rest assured that she was full of timidity and grievance, so he waited to follow her. Before she could take a step, a gust of wind came through the curtain. Miss Lingling, holding the young scholar in her arms, went away and returned. She smiled like a flower and shouted, "Master!"! You are good or bad !” The old beggar stared and said, What? You heartless girl. You say the master is bad! Miss Lingling giggled and said, "There, I said the master is good.." The words did not fall, the shadow flashed, and again holding the young scholar through the curtain, far from the end of the sound of "bad!". The white-haired old man stared at the master and disciples in a daze, but when he saw his granddaughter's sad face receding, although he could not guess the reason, he was a little relieved. Seeing the white-haired old man's infatuated and confused appearance, the old beggar could not bear to teach him how worried he was. He quickly whispered a few words in his ear. The white-haired old man immediately smiled and turned to Zhu Ruiqing, ha-ha. One side of Zhu Ruiqing, like falling into a fog, felt embarrassed and embarrassed. He couldn't figure it out and couldn't guess. In a fit of pique, he threw everything away and stopped worrying about this meaningless thing. Gathering the spirit and calming the breath, he collapsed and sat cross-legged, regulating his breath. By the time he woke up from practicing martial arts, it was already noon, and a sumptuous banquet had already been set up in the study. The white-haired old man accompanied the old beggar to drink heartily, but the young scholar and the girl Lingling were not seen on the table. But the old man laughed and cried,plastic wheelie bins, "Boy!"! You must be hungry, too. ! Get up and drink two cups. Today is Chinese New Year's Eve. Even if you live in a foreign land, don't let down the traditional festival. 。 cnplasticpallet.com