Chi Yaoyang smiled coldly and started. Chapter 46 Gu Xichao, Seven Orifices Liuli Heart A large screen was placed in each of the three directions facing the Chinese Style Mansion, the Mercenary Federation of Trade Unions and the Temple of Light, which was showing the fierce fighting of the three forces selected by the system in the arena. However, there seems to be a consensus that the three big screens did not show the images of Chi Yaoyang, Sunshine, Yin Tian, Li and others. Strange screening methods, mysterious competition on the field, Gu Xichao did not understand why a top ten should be so similar. "Hell Shura Road?" The night of white fluttering appeared behind him, and the faint taste of osmanthus cake left on his body made Gu Xichao miss it a little. Just as he was thinking about the days when he had just entered Brahma and ate osmanthus cakes every day, he handed him a basket of Osmanthus cakes made by Rouzhi specialty, "made by egrets." Pinch up a piece and bite it gently, which is really the skill of memory egret. I miss my innocent self so much. Do you know why I did it? There was nothing in the words, but Gu Xichao knew that he was talking about the top ten primaries now going on in the arena. "I'm trying to clear the way for you." "Look carefully, look at the people you used to know, and see what they really hide." As if without a shadow,wire nail machine manufacturers, the night PIU disappeared without a trace. Are these prepared for me? Gu Xichao stared at the spatter of blood on the screen in a trance. Gu Xichao, do I have the ability to let the beast God do this for me? Your Highness. Qi Yue's call interrupted Gu Xichao's self-pity. When he turned his head, he had restored his former calm and peace. Qi Yue was wearing a yellow pleated skirt and a silver belt with a golden bell around her waist. The whole person had a charming and witty feeling. She stood under the tree: "Your Highness, Qi Yue.." I have something to say. Feeling Qi Yue's contradiction and hesitation, Gu Xichao smiled gently, patted the stone platform on his left, and motioned her to sit down and say. Your Highness. The sweet osmanthus fragrance is strong. Gu Xichao frowned slightly. What day is it today? Why do people around me have a faint fragrance of osmanthus on their bodies once or twice? Is it to remind me of the past? Those are innocent. Mobile phone station: Think I don't let people down. People will not live up to my life? "Your Highness.." Qi Yue has been. Gu Xichao looked up silently at the people on the screen. Watch them kill and be killed. The heart can no longer stir up any waves. World. That's the way it should be. Dark and cruel. Don't you? Then why. Will my heart ache? Qi Yue,wire nail making machine, who had worked hard for a long time and had not yet held back her words. Suddenly looking up, I saw Gu Xichao's contradictory and sad purple eyes, just like the impulse she had followed for the sake of that cold expression, and I felt something in my heart. Your Highness. Have you ever loved anyone? Love? What is love? Want to protect? Do you need to guard at all costs? Or, unlimited pay without asking the reason? "What is love?" Gu Xichao muttered to himself. Love is a kind of release. Love begins with the romance of fog and has the sweetness of rain. The ups and downs of clouds, the spirit of dew, the indifference of frost. The whiteness of snow, the clarity of ice, and finally the ordinariness and tranquility of water.. Qi Yue answered quietly, reflecting in his mind the impulse to see Gu Xichao at the beginning, and happily and sweetly following him, because Princess Changping occupied his little jealousy after his heart. Tears after being misunderstood by Gu Xichao, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail production machine, until he knew that he was doomed to be unable to keep his helpless sadness. "Since it will eventually return to insipidity, why should it be blazing?" Gu Xichao didn't understand. He doesn't understand, he hasn't loved at all. He will only be loved.. (Read the full text novel at ωωω.1κ.cnn.). Wen . Learn the net ) (Full text mobile phone novel reading, all in ωap.1 1κ.cn n (1κ.cn). Wen . Learn the net ) "Your Highness, what kind of existence is Qi Yue in your eyes?" Seeing the confusion in Gu Xichao's eyes, Qi Yue clearly knew the answer. But still do not give up the questioning. Mobile Station: "Qi Yue?"? You. Just like Shanshan. They are all my sisters. Sister? Princess Changping, we should be sad. Or should I smile with tears? After working hard for so long, loving for so long, and suffering so long, is it just my sister? "Your Highness, do you know?" Qi Yue did not cry, she kept telling herself not to cry, not to cry, and never to cry in front of him! Your Highness, do you know that you have no love, no love, no lover. You just want to be loved.. Even if there is love, you only love yourself. So selfish. Finally, Qi Yue heart died, God hurt, left. Are you gone? It's better for you to go, Qiyue. Looking at the yellow that disappeared from the trot, Gu Xi sighed faintly. Let's just say I only love myself. Because only if I live well, there will be more people living well. If half a year later, Qi Yue asked Gu Xichao again, perhaps it would not be so desperate and sad. Unfortunately, after all, she did not wait until the day when Gu Xichao could break his love. The Buddha said, "May you get Bodhi in the next life, and your heart is like colored glaze.". Gu Xichao, you were born with a heart of seven orifices, but you also lost the heat and palpitations. Standing in the middle quietly looked at the eleven bodies, until they all turned into white light, Chi Yaoyang remembered the wooden door in the east, went over and twisted the handle. What will greet him when he opens the door? Go on, eleven people? Back or a big BOSS? Chi Yaoyang was faintly excited. A narrow conference room, a shabby wooden table, ten broken wooden chairs that squeaked when sitting, and a dim kerosene lamp overhead gave off a pale yellow light that enveloped the whole conference room. Just pushed open the door on the east side,wire nail machine manufacturers, Chi Yaoyang came in here, and there were people on the wooden chairs and tables in the corner of the conference room, secretly counting seven.