Chen Ying is not don't understand, this Gaoqiao as the leader of the Japanese pirates, naturally by the tight protection, calculate the river wolf can be in his side, while killing him, but how can thousands of people in the Japanese pirates get away smoothly? Even if the Japanese pirates were suddenly disrupted by the attack, but the guards around Takahashi that is not a minority ah. Thinking of these, Chen Ying's mind can not help but appear Jiang Lang after killing Gaoqiao, besieged by countless Japanese pirates, and finally covered in blood, died tragically under the Japanese pirates knife scene, not pale. After trying to suppress the panic in her heart, Chen Ying asked cautiously, "Can you not kill him? Just let the people in the East Factory kill him." Jiang Lang shook his head slightly and said, "I can't guarantee that all the two thousand Japanese pirates will be annihilated. So I can't let Takahashi break through alive. If I let him live, the people in the East Factory will find that there are ghosts among them. If I contact Takahashi, I will find that the map given to him by the East Factory has been changed. It will be dangerous to trace down Ziling.". Wang Zhen is a ruthless person, the east factory suffered such a big loss, he is absolutely impossible to let go of purple Ling, at the same time, will not let go of purple jade. Anyway, we have a cooperative relationship now. Before Takahashi is destroyed, I must ensure her safety. I can't do that kind of thing. Jiang Wolf could not help but think of the girl who had a trace of worry in her eyes. In his eyes, Ziyu and Ziling, as well as himself, and Chen Ying next to him, were the most helpless and unable to grasp their own destiny. They were basically the same kind of people, and they could not help feeling of sympathy in their hearts. Chen Ying never expected himself to convince Jiang Lang, if he was such an easily persuaded person, he would not come to the island alone, nor would he face more than ten enemies. However, out of the relationship to the river wolf, she still could not help persuading a few words, although the heart has long known such a result,die cast light housing, after listening to only, the face still can not help a dark. Jiang Lang turned his head slightly and looked at Chen Ying, who was silent beside him. With a smile on his thin face, he said, "Don't just hang on to me. You have a lot of things to do." Startled, Chen Ying raised her head and looked at the river wolf who was looking at her. "What's the matter?" She asked. "The resettlement of these innocent people on the island." Jiang Lang took a few steps forward and looked at the dilapidated houses in front of him. "The Japanese pirates are hateful, but not all the people here are guilty of the most heinous crimes," he said. Many girls, are innocent, or trapped by life, just drifted to this desert island, they should not be the same outcome as the Japanese pirates. If our plan is successful, the east factory and the strength of the navy will be great, then the last is likely to be a thousand households adult led by the Royal Guards to attack the island, without the troops of Takahashi, with a thousand people of the Royal Guards, to lay down the island, is not very difficult, CNC machining parts ,DIN screw plug, and for the location of the island, I think adults should know. It's easy to lay down the island, but it's very difficult to deal with the rest of the things here. When the time comes, I hope you can come forward and beg for the innocent people here, so that the adults can settle them properly. I guess if you are, the adults will agree. Hearing this at first, Chen Ying nodded, which she knew more or less, many of the women here are involuntary, if not hijacked to the Ming people, if not the Japanese pirates to leave their country is hijacked by their own women, if they are also classified as Japanese pirates, it is indeed very inappropriate, but after nodding, Chen Ying immediately realized a problem. "Why don't you tell the adult?" He said in a trembling voice. "In the adult's heart, your weight is much heavier than mine. If you intercede, the adult will agree even more."? Do you know that you can't come back? That's why I'm going to plead? "I really can't guarantee it." Silence after a while, the river wolf said in a low voice this time, in the army to assassinate a closely protected commander, and then in the safe body, even if he is a soldier who has been strictly trained, he is not sure, after all, the soldier is still human, not immortal. And it's not a movie. There's always a hero in the Nick of time. Then don't go! Chen Ying immediately said. Jiang Lang, who had been somewhat depressed, calmed down and said lightly, "I have to go. As long as the Japanese pirates are not destroyed, the people of the Ming Dynasty will not be able to live a stable life. Maybe that day, these Japanese pirates will come back again.". Takahashi must die if the weeds are to be uprooted. Chen Ying at this time is to cry without tears, looking at the river wolf, just did not say a word. And Jiang Lang looked at Chen Ying, his mind can not help but think of that night in Fuzhou, a beautiful woman, also looked at himself like this, a slight sigh in his heart, reached out to take down the jade that he had been hanging around his neck, and then carried the red rope above, moved to the front of Chen Ying, said: "If I can't come back, please do me a favor." Exchange this for me to a girl named Zhu Yuqi of the Yang family in Fuzhou, saying that I can't fulfill my promise to her, and I'm really sorry. The result of the jade pendant was dull. Chen Ying felt the warmth on the jade pendant with her hands. She suddenly remembered a conversation between Ziling and the man in front of her not long ago, which involved the place name of Fuzhou. Then she thought about it and immediately understood who Zhu Yuqi was. She couldn't help exclaiming: "Princess?" Looking at Chen Ying's expression, Jiang Lang could not bear it, but he nodded and said, "It's her. She gave it to me at the beginning. If I can't go back, you can bring it to her." After the explanation, Jiang Lang stretched himself and said with a smile, "Now I have nothing to worry about. I can act at night. Apart from anything else, I have decided on the head of Takahashi.". Also, I will keep this jade pendant here for the time being, but I will have it back when the time comes. At this moment, Jiang Lang put aside the haze in his heart and restored his self-confidence. Looking at the river wolf who suddenly changed into a person, Chen Ying nodded in a daze. In her eyes,deep draw stamping, although the river wolf is smiling, it seems so lonely, just like a lonely wolf. Chapter 85 unexpected people.