Fu's expression really startled Ouyang Yuwen. Ouyang Yuwen had seen his innocent and lively expression in the past, but at this time she looked blue and her eyes were cold and deep. In addition to her palpitations, she also felt a burst of heartache. A child of thirteen or fourteen years old had been poisoned by the cold old demon. Thinking of this, he could not help sighing, "Fu!"! How will the cold old devil do to you? Fu son also does not answer, shout to clap a palm, the strength of the fierce, quick hand, it is not Ouyang Yuwen expected. Ouyang Yuwen dodged and shouted, "Fu!"! What happened to you? I am Fu'er's eyes, like those of a poisonous snake, were fixed on Ouyang Yuwen's face. "No matter who you are," he shouted, "how dare you call me Fu'er's master an old devil? Why don't you die quickly?" Ouyang Yuwen is confused. Could it be that the medicinal properties of "Enchanted Smoke" have not disappeared yet? She hurriedly raised Liu Nanjiang's sword with both hands and shouted, "Does Fu know this sword?" Fu said with a sneer, "Even if you hold the Jade Emperor's sword in your hand, I will teach you to die without a burial place today." In the voice, he clapped his hands again. Ouyang Yuwen hurriedly dodged, complaining incessantly in his heart. Fu'er seems to have lost his mind. Leng Laomao's cunning trick is not poisonous. Thirteen people have lost their minds frequently in the martial arts world. They only listen to the madman controlled by one of them. Don't you want the world to be in chaos. In the yearning of Ouyang Yuwen, Fu'er attacked three palms in a row. She had never seen Fu'er's skill before, and she did not know whether his skill at this time was better or worse than before. From his hand and strength, it seemed that he was performing the Buddhist martial arts "Fu Hu Palm Method", and it was a little hot. Ouyang Yuwen even dodged more than a dozen palms, so tired that she panted,plastic pallet crates, knowing that it was not a good policy to dodge blindly. Therefore, she wanted to make Fu's son faint, and then carry Fu's son to see Liu Nanjiang to discuss the rescue strategy. Therefore, she used the black bamboo pole to point at the acupoint on Fu's body. However, Fu'er's spirit was so abnormal that she couldn't succeed. For fear of hurting Fu'er, she didn't dare to use evil tactics rashly. As a result, she was tied up everywhere and was forced to be at a disadvantage. This is the malice of the cold old devil, taking advantage of the psychology of decent people who do not want to hurt these crazy people, and thus its purpose of making waves. Fu son attack more than thirty palms are not successful,ibc spill pallet, also can not help but angry attack heart, immediately cut lips a roar. The whistling sound fell, the figure suddenly appeared, a dark head, surrounded by Ouyang Yuwen. A lot of thirteen people, unexpectedly, the cold old demon did not let them die, but let them lose their souls and be deceived by them to make trouble. Among them, Ouyang Yuwen knew Mrs. Sima, Shang Meijuan and Tang Ruyu, but could not name them. Recalling the Mid-Autumn night, Shang Meijuan and Tang Ruyu in the notary seat, looked elegant, but once upon a time, they became dishevelled, livid, like ghosts, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet crates, miss and this, Ouyang Yuwen can not help but secretly sigh. Fu'er seemed to be the leader of the thirteen men, and he gave orders, saying, "Let's all gather around and take down this girl.". Remember not to hurt her flesh. The old master has been widowed for many years, and we thirteen should give him a beautiful wife and concubine. Hearing this in Ouyang Yuwen's ears, although she was somewhat angry, she did not blame him. There were only thirteen walking corpses in front of her. However, the twenty-six cold and deep eyes made her shudder, and she knew that if she wanted to be kind again, she might suffer a great loss today. Therefore, with a sound of "clang", Liu Nanjiang's sword Hanxing was pulled out of its scabbard. Shang Meijuan first untied the purple belt around her waist, "brushed" and shook it into a practice, and rolled it up to Ouyang Yuwen's chest. Jing Runan, standing on the left side of Ouyang Yuwen, also took the opportunity to make a dark cry like a whirling wheel. At the same time, Mrs. Sima, the owner of the "Eight Phoenix Garden" behind Ouyang Yuwen, also drew a soft sword from her waist and wrapped it around Ouyang Yuwen's waist like a snake. Ouyang Yuwen's right sword and left pole turned. First of all, Jing Runan's hidden weapon was dialed away, and then with a sound of "clang", Shang Meijuan's purple ribbon was cut off. Mrs. Sima immediately withdrew her sword, otherwise her soft sword would inevitably be divided into two sections by the cold star. Only three of the thirteen people around joined hands, and Ouyang Yuwen felt clumsy to deal with it. If, thirteen people in succession, it is bound to be more difficult to deal with. In view of this, Ouyang Yuwen immediately took the initiative. With a loud shout, the sword stabbed Lady Sima in the chest. The most powerful move of the soft sword is the word "winding". Therefore, as soon as Mrs. Sima was short, she avoided the sharp edge of the Cold Star Sword. With a shake of her wrist, the soft sword turned into several circles and wrapped around Ouyang Yuwen's right wrist. Ouyang Yuwen's purpose was not to hurt people. As soon as he saw the other side's soft sword wrapped around his wrist, he suddenly pulled the sword back. Mrs. Sima's soft sword was just wrapped around the blade of the Cold Star Sword, only to hear a crisp sound. Mrs. Sima's soft sword was broken into several pieces, leaving only a bare hilt in her hand. Lady Sima's soft sword broke, making Ouyang Yuwen disappear as a strong enemy, and her heart widened. Although Fu'er lost his mind, his wit did not diminish. Shout greatly: "Go up together, must not be broken by this woman one by one." As he shouted, he clapped his hands. The rest of the people also had swords, fists and fists, Ouyang Yuwen immediately fell into a besieged situation. Ouyang Yuwen knew very well in his heart that as long as he hesitated in his heart, he would be in danger of death immediately, so he waved his sword and made a move to "see Buddha on the lotus platform", which turned into tens of millions of sword flowers. Only heard a series of screams, in addition to Fu'er, the other twelve people, no one is not bleeding with injuries, Fu'er is deliberately avoided by her, otherwise, Ouyang Yuwen holding the Cold Star Sword, performing one of the three Buddhist swordsmanship "Lotus Seven Style", it can be said that no one can be its sharp. Ouyang Yuwen knew that if he delayed more, there would be no benefit except to kill more. Therefore,collapsible bulk containers, while many people on the other side were injured and retreating, he jumped out of the woods and ran to the town of Duqu. She had just run less than ten feet when suddenly a man appeared in the grass and blocked her way. As soon as Ouyang Yuwen looked, this person impressively was the "nine-fingered magic wand" cold as frost. binpallet.com