"By the way, shopkeeper Lin, why are you here?" Remembering the present situation of Emperor Huanzong, Jiang Zhen said hurriedly, "We are being attacked by Emperor Ningjizong. It's too dangerous for you to come here." "It's all right, I have a master with me." Lin Dong shook his head with a smile. A master? Jiang Zhen glanced a few times behind them, somewhat at a loss. Lin Dong also did not have time to explain, asked: "How is the situation now?" Jiang Zhen shook his head slowly and said worriedly, "Ning Jizong has a lot of elders this time. With the help of the spirit array, he can stand it for the time being. I'm afraid it will take a long time.." Not broken, Lin Dong felt more at ease. "Take us to see Master Xiao," he said. "Talk while you talk." Jiang Zhen hesitated for a moment, immediately turned around and ordered the younger martial brother a few words, with two people toward the depths of the woods. Along the way, Lin Dong finally knew the cause of the whole incident from Jiang Zhen's intermittent answers. This Ning Ji Zong in the whole big Han country may only be in the lower middle of the clan, in the autumn wind mansion of the major clan, strength is able to enter the top ten. Half a month ago, not knowing what had happened to Ningji Zong, he sent two elders and more than a dozen disciples to Guhuan Zong and asked Guhuan Zong to provide one hundred catties of black iron stone, ten thousand catties of black iron, and many kinds of refining materials. This batch of materials is almost half of the ancient Huan Zong's family property, Xiao Tianchi under pressure,Narrow aisle rack, and several elders after consultation, had to swallow their pride and promised to provide half. The elder of Ning Ji Zong promised at first, but he didn't think about it. After he got the materials, he immediately went back on his word and ordered Gu Huan Zong to prepare the materials within three days, otherwise Ning Ji Zong would trample Gu Huan Zong. Xiao Tianchi and several elders were so angry that they sent someone to find Huo yuan, the most powerful of the ancient Huan Sect, and they joined hands to kill the two elders and disciples sent by the Ningji Sect. None of the dozen disciples stayed, but one of the two elders of Ningji Sect escaped. Two days ago,Cantilever Storage rack, Ning Jizong sent five hundred disciples of six elders to the mountain. Xiao Tianchi knew that he could not defeat them, so he could only gather all the disciples to abandon the clan and retreat to the circle with the guard of the spirit array, hoping that the disciples sent to the familiar clan for help could bring people back to rescue them. After two days of fighting, the Zongmen of the rescue did not appear. Fortunately, with the help of the spirit array, coupled with early precautions, Ning Jizong's strength is strong, but there is no spirit array division, can not break all the spirit array for a while. Three people all the way to the west of the most intense fighting grassland, far away, Lin Dong will find Xiao Tianchi and Tianhao figure. Lin shopkeeper "wait until three people close, Xiao Tianchi and others also finally found Lin Dong and Yun Lan." Dad, Aunt Yun, why are you here? Tianhao is a little anxious. Lin Dong patted Tianhao on the shoulder, glanced at the blood on his body, Industrial pallet rack ,Steel racking system, and said with a smile, "I heard Zhang Ye say that Gu Huanzong had an accident, so I came here to have a look. Are you all right?" Tianhao shook his head. His face darkened a little. "The Third Master and the Sixth Master died in battle," he said. Lin Dong touched Tianhao's head and did not know how to comfort him. Shopkeeper Lin. Xiao Tianchi also did not know what to say, let Lin Dong leave, outside is full of Ning Jizong people, I am afraid the strength of the whole clan is also unable to send him to break through. But let Lin Dong stay, and the circle will not last long. Xiao Zongzhu, how long can the spirit array last? Lin Dong asked. About a day or so. Hsiao Tien-chi explained, "The five elders of the Ningji Sect joined forces to break the battle array. Even if we send people to block the battle array, we can only hold out for so long at most." Lin Dong nodded slowly, looking at the endless grassland that could not be seen at all, and his eyes moved to Yunlan, thinking about how to solve the immediate crisis. Five elders, plus hundreds of disciples, with the strength of Yunlan, the same can not turn the tide with the strength of one person, at most can only entangle three elders at the same time. The strength of the ancient Huan Zong should not be enough to deal with two elders and five hundred disciples. The only way to solve this crisis is to find a way to separate the five elders and then break them one by one. Only in this way can we hope to win. Chapter 226 of the main text. Chapter 226 taking advantage. Lin Dongzheng frowned and thought hard about how to separate the five elders of the other side, while Xiao Tianchi's face was also unpredictable, apparently considering a way out. As soon as he gritted his teeth, Xiao Tianchi suddenly looked at the second disciple beside him, Xiao Munan, and ordered, "Enter the spirit array and call the Great Elder back.". ” Hsiao Mu-nan said in astonishment, "Without the support of the Great Elders, I'm afraid the spirit array will be broken in a few hours." Xiao Tianchi shook his head and looked at Tianhao on one side. "No clan has come to ask for help for more than half a month," he said without doubt. "They should all be frightened by the power of Ning Jizong and dare not come. It's useless to wait any longer. We can only find a way to break through." Xiao Munan took a deep breath and turned to go, but Lin Dong shouted, "Wait." Xiao Munan looked back and looked at Lin Dong. Lin Dong hesitated for a moment and looked at Xiao Tianchi and said, "Maybe I have a way." "Does shopkeeper Lin have a way?" Xiao Tianchi was overjoyed. He was very clear about Lin Dong's mysterious nature. Hearing this, he hurriedly said, "Shopkeeper Lin, tell me quickly. What can I do?" "I was thinking." Lin Dong's answer made Xiao Tianchi laugh and cry, and the joy on the faces of Xiao Munan and others quickly dimmed. Wait, give me more time. Lin Dong knocked on his head, thinking hard, and suddenly there was a sense of delicacy and softness on the back of his hand. Turned to look, Yun Lan was silent, as if nothing had been done. Is Yunlan secretly taking advantage of herself? Lin Dong was amused by his idea. Xiao Tianchi thought he had thought of a good idea. He couldn't help asking, "Shopkeeper Lin, do you have an idea?" "This.." Lin Dong looked at Yun Lan again, moved in his heart, and finally understood what she meant. Without any hesitation, Lin Dong opened his mouth and said, "Master Xiao, where did the five elders of the Ningji Sect break the battle?" Xiao Tianchi pointed to the southeast corner: "There is no fixed number. Although they are not familiar with the spirit array, everything depends on their strength, but they are afraid that we will temporarily arrange the high-level array along the way, so they have been swinging from side to side,pipe cantilever rack, almost moving back and forth in the direction of the four spirit arrays." Lin Dong nodded slightly and asked, "What are the directions of these four spiritual formations? What are the spiritual formations on the last floor?" "All of them are four-step sandstorms," Xiao Tianchi said. Lin Dong could not help looking at Yun Lan. omracking.com