Du Wei had almost eaten at the moment, and he breathed a sigh of relief: "It's a long story. I heard Vivian say that something big had happened at home.". I just ran all the way. Come back at all costs, thousands of miles away! And I'm trying to save time 。 Didn't take the northwest corridor. After entering the desert from the grassland, we crossed the Kilimaro Mountains directly. But those mountains are damn high! The wind on the top of the mountain is really too strong. ! It blows me around. 。 When I was in the desert, I encountered a sandstorm, and I had no time to stop and look for something to eat. Mader, stop it. Prepare a clean room for me quickly. I want to take a shower and change clothes! When Du Wei returned to his room and soaked in hot water, he finally sighed comfortably. All the way back to Loulan City from the Great Snow Mountain, although it was fast, but the continuous flight, coupled with the sandstorm in the desert, really tortured the three people enough, the most depressing thing for Du Wei was that he found himself in the storage ring. There was no food left, so he rushed into the castle like a starving ghost and ate everything he saw. Half washed and some of the food digested. The exhaustion of the whole body was also dispelled in the hot water. Du Wei was sighing comfortably when he heard an anxious knock on the door outside. Du Wei discontentedly picked up a soft snow-white towel and wrapped it around himself-in fact,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, in his position. When you take a bath, you can be as luxurious as most of the nobles on land. Get ten or eight beautiful girls to accompany the bath, but Du Wei is that kind of person. When taking a bath, if there are ten or eight beautiful girls next to him, Du Wei will feel uncomfortable. Open the door with a bath towel. Du Wei saw Philip standing in the doorway with a wry smile on his face. To Du Wei's slight surprise. Standing behind Philip,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, there was the beautiful Lady Liszt. When Philip and Mrs. Liszt learned that Du Wei had finally returned, both of them came in a hurry, and Mrs. Liszt rightly asked to meet Du Wei immediately-after all, now we are in the same boat, fate is shared, there is no reason to exclude her from the field. But seeing Du Wei almost half-naked, he opened the door with only a cold bath towel, and the face of the beautiful hybrid elf was smeared with a layer of red. Gentlemen. It's rare that you don't know. Is it also a very impolite behavior to disturb others to take a bath? "Du Wei sighed, but he didn't feel embarrassed at all.". After all. In a previous life, it was common to run around in a swimsuit in a public swimming pool. Philip was the first to calm down. "My Lord, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,brushed stainless steel sheet," he said lightly. If we don't disturb you, I'm afraid you won't have a chance to take a leisurely bath for the rest of your life. "Oh.". What's the big deal? "Du Wei asked.". But the look is still not nervous. Of course.. After all, even Ares has seen such a legendary antique. Demons, goddesses and so on. Those things have passed away. No matter how big the matter is, can there be a demon's voice? Philip doesn't talk nonsense. Bluntly told the whole story about Miss Dai Li's plan to steal the secret of Jun's weapons and then be recaptured by herself. In the middle of his speech, Du Wei's face finally became serious. So.. What do you mean. "We have now imprisoned the future princess and a princess." Dewey blinked. " That's not entirely true. "The princess still lives in the expensive guest room of the castle," Philip said. Enjoy VIP treatment. But that Miss Dai Li, I have decided to lock her in the small dungeon behind the castle, because of her special status, I can not let her have the opportunity to contact with the outside world. A small dungeon? It was the little dungeon where I was locked up on the spot. "Du Wei already could not help the facial expression all changed:" You are telling me, we will regent's future wife. Sister of the Grand Commander of the Empire. Locked up in a dungeon? "We also killed all the guards she was carrying, 116 in all." Philip said quietly. Really "What the hell!" Dewey groaned. Then he pressed hard on his forehead. "I say, dear Philip, why do we always have this kind of trouble?" Philip's voice was calm. "My Lord, I've been trying to cover this up.". Because you're not here, I can't make any decisions on my own, so.. "So what?" "So," said Philip. There are only two roads before you now. First, you have to think of a way to'fix 'this beautiful princess as soon as possible. It seems that you taught me the word "fix", but if you can't fix her. Then there is a second way left. We only have.. At this point, Philip sighed faintly: "Rebellion." Du Wei's expression is very strange. He looked at Philip carefully, and looked at him carefully for a long time. Then he looked at Lady Lister. Then his face was grave and serious. All of a sudden it disappeared. He waved his hand lazily. I got it. You go out first. Philip smiled a little. Bend over and take your leave. But Mrs. Liszt was somewhat dissatisfied. She couldn't help saying in awe, "The Duke.." I don't think you understand the serious Xing! "Of this matter. "Of course I understand." Du Wei said with a straight face, "I understand better that I am taking a bath now, and I only have a bath towel on my body.". The beautiful marchioness, do you want to be on such an occasion. Will you discuss national affairs with me? At this point, looking at Mrs. Liszt's sullen face, Du Zhui smiled: "Well, beautiful lady, please rest assured that I have a way in my heart-I will take care of her!" You? What did you say "I said I would take care of the beautiful princess." After Du Wei finished, he ignored the two of them, turned around, wrapped in a bath towel,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, and went into the bathroom. Text: Today's graduation ceremony, no more. Updated: September 25, 2008 21:35:29 Words in this chapter: 192. sxthsteel.com