The life assistant behind him, Xiao Zhao, rarely saw him look so happy that he couldn't help but take out his mobile phone and shoot a video at Chang Fusheng. Xiao Zhao understands very well why Chang Fusheng is so happy. His boss has been setting up a website. Every time the author sells the copyright, makes a TV series, or even a movie, he is very happy and feels that he can finally do something for the authors. Because of his health, he could not even live like an ordinary person. He did not even leave home until he was a teenager. The garden of the villa was the farthest place he had ever been. When Xiao Zhao first came to his side, every time he saw him sitting quietly by the window looking at the big golden retriever running happily outside, as well as the children playing with relatives, he was very distressed. When his boss was twenty years old, he didn't know what it was like to run, and he couldn't even have the emotional ups and downs of a little older. Xiao Zhao once heard Chang Fu'an, the eldest son of his family, say that his younger brother, in fact, was not such a quiet person by nature. Although he dragged a sick body, his temper was always very hot and stubborn in his youth. Otherwise also won't do because the website squeezes the author that likes, open a website directly oneself, dig the thing that the author comes over completely. In fact,cordierite c520, the two parents were not very supportive at the beginning. They felt that Chang Fusheng might be just a momentary impulse and did not know what to bear in opening a website. But Chang Fu-sheng insisted on doing it, while Chang Fu-an felt that it was rare for his younger brother to insist on one thing, and that the vast and colorful world did give his younger brother a lot of comfort, so he funded and supported his younger brother. Until now, Chang Fu-an is also very grateful for his original decision. Since he had his own career and understood the heavy burden on his shoulders, his younger brother has gradually become mature, and is no longer a teenager who used to have a bad temper and even some self-pity. He began to understand responsibility,ceramic welding tape, tolerance, and listen carefully to other people's suggestions and ideas. He began to realize the beauty of life, was willing to help others, and could show a happy smile. Xiao Zhao has heard Chang Fusheng mention Doomsday many times and knows how much he loves it. Now that I can see my favorite being made into a movie and see my favorite author playing his favorite role, I think my boss is really happy. When Lao Qian finished taking photos, Xiao Zhao went over and told him in a low voice several times that after Lao Qian developed the photos, he must give him a copy. As soon as Xiao Zhao finished telling him to look back, he saw Chang Fusheng constantly aiming at the corner of his eye. Xiao Zhao looked down his line of sight. My boss is obsessed with other people's cameras! The author has something to say: Xiao Zhao: Do you want to help the boss grab the camera? This is a question. Haha, there is no more today, take a rest, and continue to add more tomorrow! Hug the little cuties! Love you! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭?~ It's late. Sorry, cuties, cover your faces! —— Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who threw [mine]: Fei Qingyan 1; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Fish in July, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, 10 bottles of Shili Changting; Taoist love me again, 2 bottles of Luojiuge; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 41 passing by. Chang Fusheng couldn't stay on the set much longer. He had a good chat with Yunxiao about the plot and Wu Taiqing about the shooting of the film. After chatting with the actors about the role, he had to go home and take medicine. When sending him out, Yunxiao handed over a wrapped gift, winked at him and said with a smile, "It's specially for you, the only one in the world!" Chang Fusheng couldn't help laughing. He took the gift and thanked Yunxiao seriously. Yunxiao patted him on the shoulder. "I should thank you. You know what I mean." Yunxiao winked at him. Chang Fusheng was stupefied and immediately went to see Wu Taiqing. Wu Taiqing turned his head away from him, as if it were not himself who had spilled the beans. Chang Fusheng:.. Chang Fusheng could only say to Yunxiao, "I really like this book, not.." Some of him do not know how to explain, Yunxiao home things, with the original Thunder Game Company Su Su back to the imperial capital, he more or less also heard some. Chang Fusheng didn't want Yunxiao to feel that he was pitying her. As a person who always got people's sympathy, he knew how uncomfortable it was. But Yunxiao just bent down to give him a hug, patted him on the back, and said to him with a smile, "Thank you, big boss, you are really the best boss in the world!" Chang Fusheng smiled, and the joy in his heart and the excitement that his mind had not been let down made him say, "In fact, I am six years older than you.." He didn't have the nerve to finish what he said, but Yunxiao understood and immediately changed his tune: "Brother Fusheng!" Chang Fusheng's smile was even happier. He answered earnestly, rubbed the gift with his right hand, but still couldn't hold back. He raised his hand and touched Yunxiao's little bald head. His eyes were very warm. The author he liked was his little sister from then on, which was good. Until the car started, Chang Fusheng's line of sight was still on Yunxiao and the crew. As the car drove away, he could no longer see Yunxiao and others, so he lowered his head, touched the gift on his leg, and began to unpack it. When the gorgeous golden packing box was opened, Chang Fusheng was stunned when he saw what was inside. He reached for the large handbag inside. It has all the main characters of "Doomsday", who wield powers, turn into beasts, or carry mechanical barrels, fight side by side with the people in the middle, break through the layers of zombies, and rush to the vast plain, the magnificent dragon base. And the man in the middle is striding forward. He was no longer weak and pale in reality, he looked firm, raised his hand to release brilliant powers,Ceramic Band Heater, and led his comrades to the base. Under the sun above the base, they seemed to rush to the bright and bright future. Chang Fusheng stroked his hands over and over again, reluctant to put them down. He lowered his head for a long time before he went to get the second gift in the box.