With a wave of his hand, Xiao Ran removed the ban and said to Gu Yun, "Because of your blood in the end, he has been completely integrated with you, and you can use it without refining.". Try his power! Guyun called the mirror back to his hand and slowly touched the pattern on it. "Unexpectedly, I, Guyun, will also use the magic weapon one day.". If I have it, I will definitely be a hundred times safer. Father and wife, wait for me in the ghost world. Xiao ran saw the solitary cloud in a daze, so he slowly told the emperor about the function of the mirror. I have carved a total of nine formations on this mirror, so that it can bounce off spell attacks, and for physical attacks, it can also pass through formations and resist 80% of the power, but these are only for people who are lower than the user. In addition, this mirror can quickly absorb the spirit of heaven and earth. In addition, I put in the energy core strengthened by eight carvings in the mirror. After the energy of the solitary cloud enters the mirror, it will be further strengthened. Moreover, the mirror can also release nine layers of defensive shields,temperature scanning kiosks, each of which doubles the defensive power. And the last piece of black stone I added is to make the mirror able to block the physical attack below the mid-grade fairy. Listening to Xiao Ran's story, several people in the emperor's soul opened their mouths wide, and they never thought that this small mirror had so many functions. After they recovered from their surprise, a master refiner modestly asked Xiao Ran, "Senior, I don't know what the last stone you added is. Why have I never seen it in the classics?" The Gu Yun of one side also says at once: "Right, what thing is that? You say to me,face recognition identification kiosk, I also good later find return you." "No need.". That fast stone is called Tiangang. Maybe I asked too much for this mirror. In the end, I had to use three materials, too fine gold, nine days of cold iron and bright silver, to make this mirror. So I had to use him instead. Guyun several people are speechless, Xiao ran just said that the three materials are legendary materials, they have only seen in the classics, but the same has not been seen in kind. Senior, how much has the attribute of the Tiangang you used dropped compared with what you imagined? Xiao ran immediately said seriously: "It's not much, it's just twice as much as using those three materials." "It's doubled!!!" Guyun several people called out. Finally, I can eat. I uploaded the last section from five o'clock to now. I didn't even have time to eat. Finally, I uploaded it at nine o'clock. Start 3Y point 3Y medium 3Y text 3Y net 3Y authorized release Go home on the 130th day of the Centennial War. (From 7E point 7E in 7E article 7E net update time: May 28, 2007 17:24:00 Number of words in this chapter: 3592) Xiao ran said helplessly, interactive whiteboard prices ,information kiosk price, "What can I do? I can't find the three materials I said?"? It had to be replaced by Tiangang. After a moment's silence, a master refiner asked carefully, "Senior, I don't know where the Tiangang you said was found. I also want to look for it." "You don't have to go. It's not the product of the earth. It's not even in the realm of cultivation. It's a unique material in the realm of immortals." Xiao ran said slowly. Gu Yun also froze, even if he can fly smoothly is also to the demon world, the fairy world he is no hope to reach. The material of the fairy world is the best of the best in the earth and the real world, not to mention that he listened to Xiao Ran's tone, that material is also a good material in the fairy world, its value can be imagined. After Gu Yun thought clearly, he immediately bowed to Xiao Ran. Then Ning Zhong said to Xiao Ran, "I won't say much about that nonsense. In the future, as long as it's your business, it's my business. No matter what you need, I will help you as long as you need it." Then he was ready to bow again. Xiao ran hurriedly supported him and said, "Why are you doing this?"? Although the material is precious, it is also used! Now it's just to help you refine a low-grade fairy ware. You don't have to do this. ” Gu Yun looked at Xiao Ran with a heavy face and said, "Maybe for others, a good magic weapon is nothing, but for me, it is more important than anything else. With it, I can get through the disaster smoothly. This has increased the weight for me to go to the ghost world to find my father and wife!"! So, I will never change what I said. Gu Yun gently stroked the mirror, and it seemed that the mirror also felt the thoughts of Gu Yun at this time, slowly trembling up. Seeing that he could not make Gu Yun change his tune, he quickly changed the subject and said, "Your magic weapon has been successfully refined. Give him a name!" Gu Yun shook his head and said to Xiao Ran, "The magic weapon is made by you. You'd better take it." Xiao ran thought about it, and finally spit out four words from his mouth, "Xuanjia Magic Mirror." After hearing this, everyone thought the name was good, so the name of the octagonal mirror was officially decided, which was called Xuanjia Magic Mirror. Later, with the help of Gu Yun, the four Miri also refined the magic weapon into their own bodies. When they arrived at Jiuyou Demon Land for just one month, Xiao ran also put forward the meaning of leaving. Finally, under the welcome of many masters in Jiuyou Demon Land, Xiao ran returned to Tianlong Villa. Xiao Linlong was studying his antiques in his room when suddenly a flash of light appeared behind him. I'm home Xiao ran said happily. But obviously Xiao Linlong would not be so happy, Xiao Ran's voice startled him, his hand shook involuntarily, and a small vase in his hand fell to the ground with him, falling into pieces. Xiao Linlong first looked at his empty hands, then looked at the debris on the ground, and finally he turned around and stared at Xiao Ran with his angry eyes,smart interactive whiteboard, shouting: "Didn't I say that you should not appear behind me silently?"? You pay for my Song Qing vase. When Xiao ran saw that the time was not right, he hurriedly flew away without saying a word. Looking at the debris on the ground, Xiao Linlong wanted to cry without tears. hsdtouch.com